Special Welcome to Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal


Growth is a good thing, and Evidentia Software has brought on a new Director of Marketing and Social Media to help springboard the company to the next level. Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal is known to many of you in the genealogy community.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, the Southern California Genealogical Society, and several local genealogical societies. She serves on the board of both the Second Life and Southern California Chapters of APG, the California … Continue reading

Remodeling work in Progress

"Free Membership" stamp

I am currently in the process of adding “Memberships” to the Evidentia website. It is not the goal to make things harder, and all levels can see all content. You do NOT have to be logged in to read content on the website, just to make purchases or view account history. The reasons? So users can see their own purchase history and re-download software as needed So users can access lost license keys without waiting for a support person To simplify the process … Continue reading

The Evidentia Companion


Would you like help organizing your information so you can use it as evidence? Would you like help finding answers to your research questions? The Evidentia Companion is the perfect complement to Evidentia, the desktop application being used by genealogist worldwide to organize and analyze the information they have recorded. The Evidentia Companion focuses on the features you need to know to be productive with Evidentia as quickly as possible. Part One defines four basic tasks that will help you … Continue reading