Welcome from RootsTech 2015!


Welcome to all who are coming to this site from RootsTech 2015!   We had another successful year at the Evidentia booth, and met so many interesting people – and so many of you were excited about Evidentia! Evidentia was mentioned in several of the educational sessions at RootsTech this year, and we thank you for this unsolicited support!  It looks like genealogy is catching up with what Evidentia has to offer!  I also want to thank my wife, Becky … Continue reading

Evidentia 2.2.1 has been released


Evidentia 2.2.1 has just been released. This is a simple bug fixing release, and includes the following: Removed save button on create template Fixed error in mini-editor after pasting content Fixed object is not a function error after saving citation generated from new template Fixed misc Dropbox issues Fixed issue with digital file manager All current users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release. You can find the links at http://evidentiasoftware.com/evidentia-upgrade/ … Continue reading