Evidentia Step by Step


This guide will expose you to the main features of Evidentia, and show you how to get to the target deliverables, the Research Summary Report and the Genealogy Proof Report.

Task One – Identify your Source.


  1. Select the Document a Source button on the menu bar.
  2. Enter a title for the source.  This will be used in the Source List on the right, as well as some reports.
  3. Classify the source; that is, how close it is to the original data.
  4. Click the Template button.  This will bring up the Evidentia Templates screen.


  1. Single-click the desired citation template in the list.
  2. Click the Select button to populate the citation template screen.  Alternately, double-clicking the selection in the list would have had the same results.  However the two step process (single-click, then Select) allows you to review the template in the boxes on the right if you wish.


  1. Populate ALL the data fields to get a complete (and proper) citation.
  2. Click the Done button to populate the source listing (and citation listing) on the main Evidentia screen.


  1.  Select the Catalogue Claims button form the menu bar
  2. Verify your citation title
  3. Verify your citation listing.  Edits can be made directly in the edit box.

Task One – Identify your Source, is now complete!

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