About Evidentia

Evidentia not only solves the problems facing the genealogy community, but also simplifies the process of analyzing evidence and creating proof arguments while still following the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS).

Filling the Gap

In the 20 years I’ve spent researching my family history, I became aware that there wasn’t genealogy software on the market to solve my research challenges.

Listening to the community discussions and blogs, I knew I wasn’t the only one facing these challenges.

I needed to:

  • Remember how I formed conclusions – I needed a tool that would allow me to analyze evidence, form conclusions, and keep them within the same software.
  • Squeeze more information out of my sources – Even though I had sources referencing multiple people and events, if I wanted to attach information to every person or event at one time, my options were limited. I knew I wasn’t getting as much as I could out of my sources and I couldn’t afford to lose such valuable material.
  • See everything on one screen – I loved my genealogy software but, like most genealogy database software, it focuses on people and events. These options don’t present all my evidence in one, concise and organized way to facilitate analysis.

As a software developer of 25+ years, I knew I could come up with a way to offer the genealogy community what we needed – a more effective way to organize and analyze evidence that complemented existing genealogy software.

In 2012, Evidentia was born.

The Staff


  Ed Thompson – Creator of Evidentia

I love researching ancestors, but also love spending time with my two (almost) grown boys and my wife of 25+ years. I like movies, I LOVE reading, and when I am able to get away from the computer I like to travel outside North Carolina and visit family.

I hope you enjoy the software. Always feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.