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Informational articles about Evidentia

Evidentia 2020

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great 2019 and look forward to a better 2020. As I quietly reflect on the last year and the year forward, I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on Evidentia 4. It was my unadvertised hope that Beta testing would have started in December, but alas,… Read More »

Evidentia and GenSmarts – Match Made in…Cyberland?

Evidentia is a research tool. GenSmarts™ identifies gaps in your research. Does it make sense to use them together? Time to do an experiment. What is GenSmarts? According to the website, “GenSmarts is a utility that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your existing genealogy file and produce research recommendations.” “It works with over a dozen popular genealogy… Read More »

Challenge Yourself with the Evidentia Lineage Challenge

Did You Know That Evidentia v.3 is for Gamers? That’s right! A brand-new feature of version 3 that was quietly rolled out – and you probably haven’t even noticed yet – is the Lineage Challenge. This feature adds a bit of gaming to your Evidentia experience and rewards you for successfully proving each parent-child relationship. Ready to play? 🙂… Read More »

Evidentia 3 is finally here!

Almost 4 years to the day that the first version of Evidentia was released, I am proud to announce the release of version 3. It took almost 18 months to develop version 3. That’s the same development time as version 1 and version 2 combined (9 months each). That is a testament to how much the genealogy community… Read More »

Special Welcome to Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal

Growth is a good thing, and Evidentia Software has brought on a new Director of Marketing and Social Media to help springboard the company to the next level. Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal is known to many of you in the genealogy community.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, the Southern California Genealogical Society, and… Read More »