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Mind Maps

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program… Evidentia is one of many tools I use in researching my family tree.  Today I want to talk about a different tool – Mind Maps. Ron Arons, who some of you may know from his Black Sheep Blog and from genealogy conferences, has published a new book, Mind Maps for Genealogists.  I… Read More »

Where does it fit?

One of the questions I get frequently about Evidentia is “where does it fit in my research process?”. I think this is not only because Evidentia is a new idea in genealogy software, but also because the renaissance of evidence based genealogy is taking off right now. Many genealogist are shifting to a new way of thinking about… Read More »

Sex and the Genealogist

…or why documenting research is NOT sexy. It’s a slow morning, so I decide to approach Evidentia as a user. Evidentia is the software product I developed to help genealogist follow the Genealogical Proof Standard and generate conclusions that they can stand by. BETA is almost complete, the product is stable, and I have a lot of data… Read More »