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Challenge Yourself with the Evidentia Lineage Challenge

Did You Know That Evidentia v.3 is for Gamers? That’s right! A brand-new feature of version 3 that was quietly rolled out – and you probably haven’t even noticed yet – is the Lineage Challenge. This feature adds a bit of gaming to your Evidentia experience and rewards you for successfully proving each parent-child relationship. Ready to play? 🙂… Read More »

Where to Find Help with Evidentia

While attending the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree earlier this month, I had the opportunity to chat with quite a few people about Evidentia Software. What most surprised me was the number of people who have Evidentia… but don’t use it. And why don’t they use it? The most common reason was, “I don’t have time to learn… Read More »

Sex and the Genealogist

…or why documenting research is NOT sexy. It’s a slow morning, so I decide to approach Evidentia as a user. Evidentia is the software product I developed to help genealogist follow the Genealogical Proof Standard and generate conclusions that they can stand by. BETA is almost complete, the product is stable, and I have a lot of data… Read More »