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Evidentia Meets the Boston Herald, 1917

Evidentia is not all about Proofs. Sometimes it is just about organizing  information we run across in our research that we want to keep track of. I do not know much about my grandfather’s father, mostly because my grandfather never knew much about him. Reuben Hayward abandoned his wife and son when my grandfather was very young.  Rumor was… Read More »

Where does it fit?

One of the questions I get frequently about Evidentia is “where does it fit in my research process?”. I think this is not only because Evidentia is a new idea in genealogy software, but also because the renaissance of evidence based genealogy is taking off right now. Many genealogist are shifting to a new way of thinking about… Read More »

Citations and the GEDCOM

The #1 complaint I get about Evidentia genealogy Software is “I already entered my data into my other genealogy software, why do I have to enter it again“. It’s a valid complaint – no one likes data entry. Entering citations (and that’s the work we are really talking about) is the least fun part of the documenting process.… Read More »