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New! Evidentia v3.1 Cousin Research Tracker

We are excited to announce Evidentia v3.1 and the new Cousin Research Tracker.


Have you ever followed a “shaky leaf”? Did you find a family tree at the end? Did you speculating that you and the owner might share an ancestor?

I have.

Have you ever gotten a DNA match and wondered what Evidentia can do to help your prove a relationship?

I have.

So I developed the Cousin Research Tracker.

What is the Cousin Research Tracker?

cousin research tracker screen shotEvidentia allows me to create a “Possibility Tree”, ¬†a short family tree tracing myself and a potential “cousin” to a most recent common ancestor. It then tracks my progress in creating evidence based proofs for each parent-child relationship in the “Possibility Tree”. ¬†Once I have solid evidence and a proof summary for each link, I can reach a conclusion about the relationship between my cousin and I, using the same standards I use in the other proofs I generate in Evidentia.

At any time I can generate a Cousin Proof Summary Report, which will show me not only my summary conclusion about the cousin relationship, but also the conclusion from each proof used as evidence.

Want more?  The Cousin Proof Detail Report includes everything in the summary, AND it appends a full copy of each supporting proof report at the end of the document.

Finally, the Cousin Research Log Summary, shown below, will show me the status of ALL my Cousin Research efforts.

sample cousin research tracker summary report

If you already have proofs for a link, Evidentia knows it and will flag the Cousin Proof accordingly.  As you add additional proofs, Evidentia will track those as well, insuring your cousin proof is up to date.

That’s right, Evidentia considers YOUR proof reports a valid source of evidence and¬†it cites them properly.

For more about the Cousin Research Tracker, check out the tutorial page at https://evidentiasoftware.com/cousintracker/ ‚Äé

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