Create Your Own Sale!

By | February 27, 2019

Since I can’t be at RootsTech 2019, I’m going a little crazy – and this is good for you!

OK, this is gonna sound Crazy, but it is a “Create Your Own Sale“.

That is right, you get to tell ME what the sale is, specifically for YOU!

Whoa, how does this work?

OK, here is the plan- Between 5PM and 7PM EST, Tweet “#ILoveEvidentia #Evidentia”, tell me your sale, and if it’s reasonable, I will honor it.

What is reasonable? Well, nothing is Free. Reasonable is at my discretion, but I do want this to be fun, so give it a try. If I accept your offer, I will message you. If I don’t – I will message you so you can try again.

What’s Evidentia worth to YOU?

Your sale can be for the software, the book, or the software/book combination. (Sorry, we are out of stock on the Quick Start Guide)

Your tweet must be public and include the hashtags #ILoveEvidentia and #Evidentia. (Other hashtags at your discretion, but PLEASE DO NOT SPAM #rootstech, #notatrootstech or #genealogy, as much as I would LOVE the publicity).

Check our shopping page for normal prices. And be patient please – I haven’t done this before and I don’t know what to expect.

You will not be able to purchase immediately as I will need to make a custom coupon for each.