Evidentia and the Genealogical Proof Standard

So how does Evidentia support the tenants of the Genealogical Proof Standard?

Element of the GPS
Supported by Evidentia
Reasonably exhaustive search
  • Evidentia’s Research Summary Report tallies the current breadth of cited source material in an easy to review format.
  • Evidentia’s source first approach encourages a thorough cataloguing of source material, often uncovering minor facts that might otherwise not be captured by a researcher using other software.
Complete and accurate citation of sources
  • Evidentia REQUIRES citations before a researcher can draw ANY conclusions.
  • All Evidentia reports include proper citations of source materials.
  • Evidentia’s customizable Citation Templates insures consistent citations written based on the researcher’s preferred methodology.
Analysis and correlation of the collected information
  • Evidentia requires that EVERY assertion be analyzed for quality and acknowledged with an ‘analysis’ paragraph before any conclusions can be drawn.
  • By not hard linking claims to subjects, Evidentia encourages capturing not only positive evidence, but also conflicting and even ‘missing’ evidence.
Resolution of conflicting evidence.
  • Evidentia’s Analyze Evidence screen brings all relevant assertions together in one place, encouraging the researcher to weigh the source of information and review conflicting evidence.
  • Where conflicting evidence may add confusion when included as supporting information in a standard genealogy program, Evidentia is built from the start to accept, and indeed expect, this kind of data.
Soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.
  • When analysis is complete, Evidentia unlocks a separate Summary Conclusion box for documenting the current conclusion based on ALL the evidence. The Summary Conclusion is prominently featured in Evidentia’s Genealogical Proof Report, the center piece of Evidentia
  • Evidentia’s Summary Conclusion is always presented in the context of all individual assertions, holding the researcher accountable for all the relevant information, and insuring a response that can be reviewed for credibility.

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