Can Evidentia Help You with Your DNA Test Results?

Use of DNA testing in genealogy is on the rise. RootsTech 2017 had at least 4 vendors offering DNA testing kits, and several more offering help with interpreting your DNA test results. The race is on to build the largest database of DNA test results. Evidentia does not yet have a toe in the DNA testing pool. However,… Read More »

Edward Thompson

Free Shipping on The Evidentia Companion, 2nd ed.

The good news is that The Evidentia Companion has been updated, and the books have arrived! The bad news is that one of the boxes may have been dropped off by this guy. 😉 Despite the look of this box and the rough trip it may have experienced, none of the books inside were damaged, which is truly amazing. And we… Read More »


Challenge Yourself with the Evidentia Lineage Challenge

Did You Know That Evidentia v.3 is for Gamers? That’s right! A brand-new feature of version 3 that was quietly rolled out – and you probably haven’t even noticed yet – is the Lineage Challenge. This feature adds a bit of gaming to your Evidentia experience and rewards you for successfully proving each parent-child relationship. Ready to play? 🙂… Read More »


Evidentia 3 is finally here!

Almost 4 years to the day that the first version of Evidentia was released, I am proud to announce the release of version 3. It took almost 18 months to develop version 3. That’s the same development time as version 1 and version 2 combined (9 months each). That is a testament to how much the genealogy community… Read More »



The Collector When I first got started in genealogy, I was a collector. Like every other beginner, I started out by collecting names, but after I found my first census record, I got hooked on collecting information. So much information. The problem was that I had trouble keeping track of all the information I was collecting. Birth data… Read More »



The Conflict A few years ago, I found two conflicting records. After careful review, I attached the one that I knew was correct to my conclusion, and I let the other one go. Trouble came a year later when I found that second record in another collection, and I couldn’t remember if I had already reviewed it or not. Once… Read More »



Help Wanted I wanted to hire a professional genealogist. I had hit a brick wall and hadn’t been able to put a chink in it for 3 years. Professionals can be expensive, though, and I didn’t want them to just repeat the work I had already done. Fortunately, I had put all of my research into Evidentia. I… Read More »


New! Evidentia 3

Why create Evidentia 3? Five years have gone by since the first version of Evidentia came out. During this time, I have attended many conferences and webinars, and I have listened to Evidentia users to understand how you are using the software. Here’s what I have discovered: The first two versions of Evidentia weren’t great at handling relationships.… Read More »


Creating Custom Claim Types

Evidentia comes pre-populated with many different types of claims. However, you may occasionally need to create a custom claim type for a specific subject or set of subjects. This is very easy to do, either in the List Manager or “on the fly” as you are attaching claims to your subject(s). A while back, I was working on proving… Read More »

Does Your Genealogical Society Need a Webinar?

Is your genealogical society looking for webinar presenters? If so, we can help! Ed Thompson, creator of Evidentia Software, will be happy to provide an informational webinar – including a demonstration of the software – for your members. We are currently booking for 2017, so if you are interested, please contact us! 🙂