Help Wanted I wanted to hire a professional genealogist. I had hit a brick wall and hadn’t been able to put a chink in it for 3 years. Professionals can be expensive, though, and I didn’t want them to just repeat the work I had already done. Fortunately, I had put all of my research into Evidentia. I… Read More »

New! Evidentia 3

Why create Evidentia 3? Five years have gone by since the first version of Evidentia came out. During this time, I have attended many conferences and webinars, and I have listened to Evidentia users to understand how you are using the software. Here’s what I have discovered: The first two versions of Evidentia weren’t great at handling relationships.… Read More »

Using Evidentia With FamilySearch: Importing Source Citations

In my last post, I talked about how to match subjects from your FamilySearch family tree to your subjects in Evidentia. Today I am going to tell you how to import a source citation from FamilySearch into Evidentia. To do this, open your Subject List in Evidentia and select a matched subject (matched subjects will have a FamilySearch… Read More »

Using Evidentia With FamilySearch: Matching Subjects

In 2014, Evidentia became a FamilySearch Certified Partner. What this means for Evidentia users is that you can easily share information between your FamilySearch family tree and your Evidentia software. To do this, you will need to match subjects in Evidentia with their counterparts in your FamilySearch family tree. (Please note that Evidentia does not import subjects from… Read More »

How to Change Your Evidentia Theme

Change is good. One of the first things I do with new software is to personalize the user interface. I like to make the workspace feel like it’s really mine before I feel comfortable using it, and that typically involves changing the color. I tend to go “girly,” with colors like pink or purple. 🙂 I know, I know. It… Read More »