Evidentia Step by Step – Part 4

So far, everything you have done can probably be done in your other genealogy software program. However, the Analyze Evidence screen is where Evidentia differentiates itself from other software programs.

Task Three: Analyze the Evidence

  1. Select the Analyze Evidence tab from the menu bar.
  2. Select a Subject to analyze
  3. Select the Claim Type to analyze.

At this point, Evidentia will present you with the relevant evidence about your selected claim. It is your job to evaluate the evidence’s quality and provide an analysis of each claim.

For example, does the evidence support or contradict other assertions? Can you calculate a date range for the event (using the Date Calculator, if necessary)? How reliable is the information in this source? Does this evidence have more merit than evidence in other sources?

  1. Review the information in each claim.
  2. Classify the evidence using the Classification drop-down list. Is the assertion directly stated or implied? If it is implied, is by the LACK of information (negative evidence)?
  3. Write a detailed analysis. Be thorough! If you want more space, double-click the Analysis box to bring up a larger editor.

Repeat for each piece of evidence in the list.

Task Three: Analyze the Evidence is now complete!

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