Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Evidentia is a family friendly software program. You are welcome to use the same license key on multiple computers in your household. PLEASE don’t abuse this policy be being over generous with your definition of “household”.

How do I add new people to the program?

There are three ways to add a subject to the Evidentia database.

The first is from the List Manager ->Subject screen.  Simply select “New Subject” and enter the data directly into the form.  It is saved automatically.

The second is from the same screen – Import Subjects will allow you to import persons from a GEDCOM file.  PLEASE do not import a 20,000 member tree!  The program will come to a grinding halt.  Import a few hundred at most.  remember you may have to scroll through all those names.

The third and final way to add  new subject is to add them “on the fly” from the Tag Claim screen. If you enter a name not already in the database, then hit the Enter key, the new subject will be added. You can go back to the Subject List screen later to update things like gender, or FamilySearch id.

Why can’t I import Sources from Family Tree Maker/Legacy/RootsMagic, etc…?

I did a blog post on this a while back.  You can read the original post here.

There is no standard way to pass citation data from program to program, and the data Evidentia is interested in usually isn’t provided by most people.  Evidentia does allow you to copy and paste your citations from those programs if you wish

What is the cost to upgrade?

Within a major release (3.1 to 3.2, 3.2 to 3.3, etc…) new features are provided to current users for free.

Major releases (2.x->3.x for example) have consistently been provided to users at a 50% discount.

Where can I get help?

I want you to succeed with the software, and provide various ways to make sure you get the most from it.  The main source of help is the Training and Support page (see the link at the top).  There you can find videos, PDFs, webinars, and articles.

You will also find links to our very active Facebook Group, and Google Users forum.

You are also free to use the Contact Us link if you are having issues, or just need a little push.

And of course there is our monthly newsletter, which you can sign up for here! This will keep you up to date on what’s new in Evidentia, announcements about live webinars, and upcoming conference appearances.

Where can I find my license key?

The About screen in Evidentia shows your current license key, or an expiration date if you are running the free trial version.

If you purchased a CD, the key will be on a sticker inside the CD case or on the back of the CD envelope.

If you purchased a download directly from Evidentia software, you can contact us, and we may have it on file. We usually just need a name, or an email address to match against.

Unfortunately we do not track license keys for customers who purchase the CD, but if you have lost the CD we will usually work with you within reason.

Why does my virus protection software warn me about your software?

Over the past couple of years, some protection products have added “known software” checks.  This means if lots of people have downloaded a program without issue, they deem it safe.  

However if software is new, or not being downloaded in the tens of thousands, they consider it a risk.

If you are downloading from this website, we ensure the product is safe.  The software installer has been ‘certified’ with a registered identifying key as required by Apple and Microsoft.

Different protection software products have different ways of disabling this feature temporarily.

Of course another option is to get 10,000 of your friends to purchase a copy of the software 😉

What versions of Linux do you support?

We offer both a  64bit version of Evidentia for Ubuntu Linux.  Our target is to support the current LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu. You are welcome try other versions, but we cannot guarantee it will work.

Many users have found it is simple to move Evidentia to other Debian systems.