New! Evidentia 3

By | October 25, 2016

Why create Evidentia 3?

Five years have gone by since the first version of Evidentia came out. During this time, I have attended many conferences and webinars, and I have listened to Evidentia users to understand how you are using the software.

Here’s what I have discovered:

  • The first two versions of Evidentia weren’t great at handling relationships. They required a lot of extra tags and some duplication of effort.
  • At one conference, I was describing how Evidentia helps users create citation listings with “minimal effort.” And then I realized that half of the screens I was demonstrating were devoted to creating citations! It became clear to me that the design didn’t really match the message.
  • And I was never convinced that Evidentia looked good or was fun to use.

In version 3, I have addressed all of these issues and more.

Evidentia is now good at relationships. The screens have been streamlined to reduce the work of recording your data. And it looks good, too.

No, really… it looks good. 🙂

I am sure you that will like the new, fun colors, modern controls, and other enjoyable features.

Take a look at the NEW Evidentia v.3 and see for yourself!