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The Collector

When I first got started in genealogy, I was a collector.

Like every other beginner, I started out by collecting names, but after I found my first census record, I got hooked on collecting information. So much information. The problem was that I had trouble keeping track of all the information I was collecting.

  • Birth data in death records? To which conclusion should I attach it? Did I attach the 1920 U.S. census to all 14 people listed? Did I miss someone?
  • Did I attach the 1920 U.S. census to all 14 people listed? Did I miss someone?
  • Which record had evidence of that birth? How did I know that David was Daniel’s father? Did all the records agree? Says who?

See the Big Picture with Evidentia

Evidentia allows me to tag the information I am collecting, and store that information in a way that is easy to retrieve. I can see all the information I have collected on David or just all the information I have for his birth. If I have one document that reveals information about 14 people, I can easily tag them all without bouncing around to 14 different screens, and the record will appear no matter which person I pull up later.

No more guessing which records I have reviewed and which ones I haven’t. No more bouncing between screens to see the whole picture.

Evidentia lets me see everything I’ve discovered in one place, so it’s easier to see what is missing. My information is cataloged, classified, and consolidated, so I never have to wonder what I’ve missed.

Let Evidentia help you get organized, too!

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