Preview #2 – Analyze

In our previous video, I showed you how Evidentia can help you organize your research. Let me show you how Evidentia helps you move beyond organizing to analyzing your evidence.

We start by selecting a subject, then a claim type. This gives us our research question. Evidentia pulls in all the claims that we have tagged for that research question from all the sources.

Now we can begin our analysis of all the evidence we have collected. We can see where the evidence contradicts…and account for the differences in our analysis.

We can also see where the evidence is strong so that by the time we are ready to write our conclusion, we can feel comfortable that our conclusion is based on all the evidence we have collected.

Evidentia also provides a set of reports that can help us track the progress of our research. If you would like to see how Evidentia can help us share our research, watch the next video.