Here is what users have said about Evidentia…


“Really, really glad to see you pushing evidence based genealogy with [Evidentia]. I just felt the whole genealogy community lean slightly in your direction.” (Comment left here)Tim Forsythe, Advanced Tools For Genealogists (and other sundries)

“Doing a proof with the GPS requires a different mindset, and Evidentia helps support that mindset.” – Beirne Konarski, GenVoyage

“[I] fell in love with it immediately. It is easy to use, professional, and gave me excellent citations to use in my writing.”Shannon Bennett, The In-Depth Genealogist

“you genuinely get to think critically about the evidence you’ve entered, about the quality of the Source, the Claim and the Evidence as a whole.”Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana, The Last Leaf on this Branch

“you can analyze [your] information for evidence and then it takes that information and helps you write a sound conclusion.”Deborah A. Carder Mayes, Rambling Along the Ancestral Trail

“Following the 5 steps to the GPS will give your research the proof needed to feel confident in your findings, and Evidentia helps you with that.”Shannon Bennet, Trials and Tribulations of a Self taught Genealogist

“[Evidentia] has shown me how to really “listen” to my sources. Turns out, they have quite a bit to say – and a lot that they don’t say.”Jenny Lanctot, Are My Roots Showing