Evidentia Screenshots

The main Evidentia screen provides access to many tools and utilities.


The Identify A Source screen allows you to identify your record with a source title, classification, citation title, and citation listing.


The Catalogue Information screen is where you will capture the information that is vital to your research, tagging it with the names of your ancestors.


Evidentia provides many ways to manage your data. For example, in the List Manager, you will find the Subject List, where you can enter and edit information about the subjects you are researching. You can even match them with subjects in your FamilySearch family tree.


Nearly 250 source citation templates are included to help make the process of citing your sources as painless as possible. You can even create your own custom templates in the Template Manager.


When you are ready to analyze your evidence, Evidentia shows all of the pertinent information on the Analyze Evidence screen, making it easy to compare and contrast as you write your analysis.


You can then write your summary conclusion, which can be a single sentence or multiple paragraphs.


Evidentia provides dozens of reports to aid you in your research.


The Date Calculator helps narrow down your record searches, as well as aid in the analysis of date ranges.


The “always on top” Mini Editor hovers over your images, making it easy to accurately transcribe information from your sources.