The main Evidentia screen provides access to many tools and utilities

  • Three main screens: Identify, Catalogue, and Analyze
  • Lists of subjects, sources, templates, and more
  • Over a dozen different reports
  • Support for multiple Evidentia Databases
  • Many customization options

The Identify A Source screen allows you to identify your records

  • Give your Source record a title
  • Classify your source based on the latest genealogy standards
  • Create a citation listing using Evidentia’s template system or your own format
  • Toggle to a more detailed view of your source meta data.
  • Attach a PDF or an image of the original source directly to the source record

on the Catalogue Information screen you can…

  • Record vital information as it appears in the record
  • Tag the information to one subject or many
  • If the information speaks to multiple events, you can tag it with all of them

See all relevant evidence on the Analyze Evidence screens

  • Review conflicting information
  • View multiple records at the same time
  • Classify the quality of your evidence

Evidentia provides many ways to manage your data

On the Subject List screen you can:

  • customize names for display in the list and in reports separately.
  • Track the subject using a custom reference, and/or a FamilySearch id
  • Star ratings show if you have proven birth, marriage, death, burial, and parentage

The Source List screen lets you:

  •  merge duplicate data
  • correct errors by moving citations from one source to another.

…and more!

Use Evidentia’s extensive template system

  • Make entering citations as painless as possible
  • Custom tagging make finding the right template a breeze
  • Create a custom template for formats you use over and over
  • Wish Evidentia had a specific template? Create your own so you don’t have to wait