Share your Evidentia Genealogy Research

Help Wanted

I wanted to hire a professional genealogist.

I had hit a brick wall and hadn’t been able to put a chink in it for 3 years. Professionals can be expensive, though, and I didn’t want them to just repeat the work I had already done.

Fortunately, I had put all of my research into Evidentia.

I easily generated a PDF version of the Research Summary Report for my 5x’s great-grandfather and sent it along with my request for services. The researcher could see what paths I had already been down and quickly outlined a plan of attack that would minimize the overlap.

Share and Compare

With FamilySearch integration, I can easily share my conclusions – as well as the records that helped me reach them – so my evidence is clearly documented.

The Genealogy Proof Report lets me share my arguments with others so that even if I am wrong, my peers can point out where my logic went awry, and I can improve my research skills.

And once I feel good about the results, I can export my conclusions, analysis, and citations to a GEDCOM file and import that data into my family tree software.

Evidentia can help YOU quickly and easily share your research!

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