Special Welcome to Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal

By | April 24, 2016

Growth is a good thing, and Evidentia Software has brought on a new Director of Marketing and Social Media to help springboard the company to the next level.

Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal is known to many of you in the genealogy community.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, the Southern California Genealogical Society, and several local genealogical societies. She serves on the board of both the Second Life and Southern California Chapters of APG, the California State Genealogical Alliance, numerous lineage societies, and she was recently elected to the Executive Board of the TNGenWeb.

Elizabeth is a California native living in the Santa Barbara area. She has been researching her own family for almost three decades, and has been providing research services to others for about 8 years. She performs on-site research at various repositories in Santa Barbara County and southern California.

She also serves as a contributing writer for the California State Genealogical Alliance and the Southern California Chapter APG blogs, and serves as County Coordinator for the Greene County, Tennessee GenWeb. You can find her hosting genealogy events in Second Life as the avatar “Ellington Sweeney,” and posting at SL Genealogy Group.

Evidentia Software is excited to have her join our team, where she will ensuring our content is insightful and relevant and will assist in our effort to help you get the most from what we believe to be a valuable research tool.

Please welcome Elizabeth to the Evidentia community via the comments below and feel free to reach out to her at elizabeth@evidenitasoftware.com.


25 thoughts on “Special Welcome to Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal

  1. Catherine Griffin

    You are a perfect fit for this company! I look forward to hearing more about your success…great job!

  2. Jackie Baker

    Congratulations. Looking forward to your posts.

  3. J. Paul Hawthorne

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! Evidentia picked the right girl!

    1. Elizabeth O'Neal

      Aww, thank you, Paul! I appreciate the kind words! 🙂

    1. Elizabeth O'Neal

      Thank you, Annelies! Now you need to try the software! 😉

  4. Mary Roddy

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! I think Evidentia picked a winner.

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