A New Kind of Genealogy Tool

What has your software done for YOU lately?

Evidentia is genealogy software created from the ground up for the user who wants to take their research to the next level. It turns what you know into evidence you can use.

Too many conflicting sources about Grandpa William’s birth? Evidentia presents all your evidence on one screen, making it easier for you to separate fact from fiction.

Not sure how strong your evidence about when and where your great grandparents were married is? Evidentia’s reports help you to identify the gaps in your sources.

Evidentia is the software program that will help you feel confident in your research.

Not Trees and Leaves – Information and Evidence

Are you taking your sources for granted? Are you missing out on evidence you already have in your library?

“[Evidentia] has shown me how to really “listen” to my sources. Turns out, they have quite a bit to say…”Jenny Lanctot, Are My Roots Showing

Current genealogy software doesn’t address all the problems faced by today’s researcher. Evidentia fills in the gaps by basing its design on modern research strategies and expectations. It makes it easier for you to follow the standards set forth in the Genealogical Proof Standard, and you may not even know you are doing it.

Tired of online family trees that are more fiction than fact? Ready for something more? Evidentia is the tool you have been looking for.

Best of all, you can try it now for free with a 30 Day Free Trial!