The Evidentia Installation Guide

Whether upgrading from an earlier version of Evidentia or installing it for the first time, this PDF Guide will help you on your way.

The Evidentia Step-By-Step Guide

The Online Step-by-Step Guide will help you start your journey.  The guide lets you start with a single source and walks you through the process of turning the information in that source into evidence.

The Evidentia Users Guide

The exact help guide is available in the program but in a searchable PDF format. Find the section you have questions about; this guide should have answers.

Video Guides

Getting Started Videos

Evidentia Genealogy Software for Beginners (52 mins)

We all need to start somewhere.  

This video is an edited version of a live class that demonstrates how to use Evidentia from source to evidence to a conclusion.

If you don’t mind a few “um”s and “ah”s, this is a great place to start.

How to Identify your Source in Evidentia (4:04)

Think of identifying your source as creating a card for the card catalog. The first step in using Evidentia is to identify your source.

Tag your Claims and Turn Information into Evidence (4:56)

Tagging Claims Involving Multiple People (2:20)

A tag can apply to an individual, a couple, or a parent-child relationship.  Learn how to tag couples and let Evidentia do the rest.

Build a “Possibility Tree” with the Cousin Tracker (3:06)

Online services help identify relationships with living people. Are these cousin relationships real?  The cousin tracker helps you on your journey to find the truth.

Plan your Genealogy Research with the Cousin Tracker (4:23)

Track your progress to a common ancestor with these features of the Cousin Tracker.

Share your Research with Cousin Tracker Reports (2:47)

The cousin summary report shows you the current status of all your cousin research.  The Cousin Proof Detail appends a copy of each parent-child proof used as evidence in the cousin proof.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Cataloging Claims – Information to Evidence (59 mins)

Recording important information from your source and then tagging that information is perhaps the most important part of the Evidentia workflow.

This video dives into this part of the process, guiding you on your journey to turning genealogy information into genealogy evidence.

Analyzing Evidence – Evidence to Conclusions (49 mins)

You’ve cataloged your claims, and you’ve tagged your evidence – now what?

Why, to document your conclusions, of course!

This video dives into the Analyze Evidence screen, showing you how to work with your evidence and write your conclusion.

Creating your Own
Evidentia Citation Templates (38 mins)

Citations – none of us are crazy about them, but they are a critical part of the research process.

Evidentia Citation Templates make the job easier, so you can move on to the fun stuff.

But what if none of the 250+ templates serves your needs? Why create your own, of course!

This deep dive shows you how to customize the provided citation templates or create your own from scratch. It’s not as hard as you think!