Upgrading from Evidentia v1 or v2

If you are a licensed user of Evidentia v1 or Evidentia v2, you are entitled to purchase Evidentia v3 at a reduced price.

Please read the Evidentia v3 Upgrade Guide for information on converting data from your version 1 database, or importing backups from the v2 database.

Users who own a licensed copy of Evidentia v1 or v2 may purchase Evidentia v3 software at a 50% discount – $14.99 (plus shipping for the CDROM version).

You will be asked to include your v1 or v2 license key at the time of purchase so we may validate your eligibility. (You can find your license key on the About page.) You may then download a copy of the new software using the link provided in the email; or if you have already installed a trial version you can copy and paste the v3 license key from the email into your trial copy to activate the full version.

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