Using Evidentia With FamilySearch: Importing Source Citations

In my last post, I talked about how to match subjects from your FamilySearch family tree to your subjects in Evidentia.

Today I am going to tell you how to import a source citation from FamilySearch into Evidentia.

To do this, open your Subject List in Evidentia and select a matched subject (matched subjects will have a FamilySearch icon next to their names). Click the “FamilySearch Share” button and select the “Import Subject Sources from FamilySearch” tab. Sources that have been attached to your subject in FamilySearch will be displayed. Be patient because this can take some time.

Source Import 1

Note the icons next to the subject’s name:

  • The FamilySearch icon lets you know that this is a FamilySearch source citation.
  • The blue “person” icon lets you know that the citation is attached to a person.
  • If there is also an Evidentia icon, it means that Evidentia already knows about the source.

Source Import 2

If the citation has not yet been matched to a subject in Evidentia, two buttons will be displayed: “Check Evidentia for Match,” and “Create New Citation in Evidentia.” You will want to verify that you do not already have the source in Evidentia by checking for a match.

You can filter possible matches by clicking the “Best Guess” (default) or “All” radio button. If you use a different style of citation than FamilySearch, Evidentia may not be able to find a match; select All to display your full source list.

Compare Sources

If you find a match, click the “Match” button to link the FamilySearch citation to your existing Evidentia citation.

If a matching citation is not found, click “Cancel” to return to the previous window, and then click “Create New Citation in Evidentia.” The new citation will be displayed so you can edit the fields before adding (changes will not be reflected in FamilySearch at this time). Click the “Save” button to save your source to Evidentia.

New Citation

Repeat this process for each FamilySearch citation that you wish to import into Evidentia.

You will know which sources have been matched to FamilySearch because they will have a FamilySearch icon next to them.

Source Matched

For more information on how to use Evidentia with FamilySearch, please visit the FamilySearch Integration video tutorials in our Training and Support area.

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