Using Evidentia With FamilySearch: Matching Subjects

In 2014, Evidentia became a FamilySearch Certified Partner. What this means for Evidentia users is that you can easily share information between your FamilySearch family tree and your Evidentia software.

To do this, you will need to match subjects in Evidentia with their counterparts in your FamilySearch family tree. (Please note that Evidentia does not import subjects from FamilySearch, so you will need to make sure that your subject is already entered in your Subject List before matching.)

Open Evidentia and click “Options” in the left navigation bar. Make sure¬†the “Third Party Tools” tab is active. You will need to enter your FamilySearch user name and password¬†and check both of the boxes below.


Once you have logged into FamilySearch, you can begin matching subjects. From the “Subject List” (“List Manager” > “Subject List” tab), select the person you wish to match from the list on the right¬†and click the “FamilySearch Match” button at the bottom.

The FamilySearch Match screen will open. Several search fields will be available, so you may wish to start with a broad search, and narrow your search if too many potential matches pop up. Click “Search” for a list of potential matches.

For each potential match, you will have three options:

  • Click the “Not a Match” button to flag an entry so it will not show up again in your match list.
  • Click the “More Detail” button to open the person’s detail page on FamilySearch.
  • Click the “Match” button when you find the correct person.

In the example below, I entered Winnie (Judge) King’s FamilySearch ID because too many incorrect matches were showing up without it. Plus, I’m impatient like that.


Once your subject is matched, the FamilySearch logo will appear next to his/her name in the subject list. The FamilySearch ID box will now be populated, and a new “FamilySearch Share” button will be available.


I’ll talk about what you can do next in a future post. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the FamilySearch Integration video tutorials¬†in our Training and Support area. ūüôā


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