Where to Find Help with Evidentia

While attending the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree earlier this month, I had the opportunity to chat with quite a few people about Evidentia Software.

What most surprised me was the number of people who have Evidentia… but don’t use it.

And why don’t they use it? The most common reason was, “I don’t have time to learn it.” 🙁

I’ll be honest: there is a bit of a learning curve to using Evidentia Software. So I decided to put together a list of resources to help you get up and running or find assistance when you need it:

  1. The Evidentia Companion – This “companion” book focuses on the features you need to be productive with Evidentia as quickly as possible. Read the table of contents and sample pages from each chapter in this blog post. The book is available in in hard copy (book) and PDF formats. Visit the Evidentia Store for more information.
  2. The Quickstart Guide – The Quickstart Guide pulls together the 4 tasks in an easy to follow, one page per task, format. Visit the Evidentia Store for more information.
  3. The Evidentia User Guide – The most complete, in-depth resource for using Evidentia is right here on this website. Download a copy, or read it online.
  4. Evidentia Step-by-Step – Learn the 4 Tasks of Evidentia, from entering a source to finalizing a proof report.
  5. Training and Support Pages – Video tutorials, help guides, and tips and tricks are all available on the training and support pages.
  6. Talk to Other Users – Got questions? There is an active Evidentia community on Google+, as well as a support forum on Google Groups. Prefer Facebook? Join our brand-new Evidentia Users Group on Facebook.
  7. Join the Mailing List – You won’t want to miss our monthly newsletter, which contains a “Quick Tip,” as well as news and updates about our latest products.
  8. Contact Us – When all else fails, you can always contact us directly for support. 🙂

What suggestions do YOU have to help new users get started using Evidentia?

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