Analyze your Genealogy Research with Evidentia

The Conflict

A few years ago, I found two conflicting records. After careful review, I attached the one that I knew was correct to my conclusion, and I let the other one go.

Trouble came a year later when I found that second record in another collection, and I couldn’t remember if I had already reviewed it or not. Once I realized that I had seen it before, I couldn’t remember why I tossed it aside in favor of the one attached to my conclusion. So I had to recreate my whole analysis process to ensure that I hadn’t made a mistake!

Track Your Thought Process

Evidentia allows me to capture my thought process and save it with the source. I no longer toss aside any information – not even incorrect information. Instead, I document why I think it is incorrect so that ten years from now I will remember why.

So next year, when I find a “new” record in another collection, I will immediately be able to tell that the record is not new to me, and I will know exactly why I discounted it.

And Evidentia lets me compare all the records at the same time – on the same screen – so I don’t get dizzy bouncing from record to record!

Best of all, my conclusions are always based on all the information I have discovered, not just on which record I looked at last, or which one I discovered first.

Let Evidentia help YOU stay on track as you research!

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