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Create Your Own Sale!

Since I can’t be at RootsTech 2019, I’m going a little crazy – and this is good for you! OK, this is gonna sound Crazy, but it is a “Create Your Own Sale“. That is right, you get to tell ME what the sale is, specifically for YOU! Whoa, how does this work? OK, here is the plan-… Read More »

How Do I Navigate the Genealogical Proof Standard

It can seem overwhelming, especially to the non-professional. But the GPS really is something we should strive for in our research. Marc McDermott of Genealogy Explained has made the process of navigating the GPS a little easier. “Because I love a good visual, I created this process flowchart to walk you through proper genealogical research using the concepts and ideas… Read More »

Buy Evidentia, get the Companion Book Free!

Family History month is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than a sale! Not only a sale though, but our biggest sale ever!! From now til the end of October, buy a copy of Evidentia and get a copy of the companion book FREE! You can select either the Soft Cover edition or the PDF edition… Read More »

Special Offer for Legacy Family Tree Users!

Evidentia Software has just released a new booklet “Evidentia for Legacy Family Tree Users” Normally Evidentia Software will be offering this book for $3.99, but you can get it here for FREE! Drawn from the pages of “The Evidentia Companion”, this 40 page booklet provides users of Legacy Family Tree the guidance they need to integrate their Evidentia… Read More »

Evidentia for Legacy Family Tree Users

Drawn from the pages of “The Evidentia Companion”, this 40 page booklet provides users of Legacy Family Tree the guidance they need to integrate their Evidentia research into their favorite family tree software. This booklet is only available as a digital download in PDF form.   Please note that this booklet duplicates some of the content in “The… Read More »

Blind Spots in Genealogy Research

Many of our friends, maybe many of you, will be seeking out the total eclipse that will be passing over the US this month.  This got me thinking about shadows, which got me thinking about blind spots. Genealogy blind spots. What are genealogy blindspots?  They are those things that make us miss what is right in front of… Read More »

Time for some Training – Evidentia 3 for Beginners

This Saturday, June 10 at 9AM EDT Evidentia Software is providing a FREE 90 minute “Getting Started” class at Google Hangouts. This 90 minute class will focus on the basic skills required to get the most out of your Evidentia experience. The class will take you from your first source to a proof argument with several stops in… Read More »

Cousin Tracker – Part Two – The Main Screen

In the last tutorial, I demonstrated how you can create a “Possibility Tree” for the Cousin Tracker. In this tutorial, I want to show the features of the Cousin Tracker main screen that help you track you cousin related research. As before, I access the Cousin Tracker from the menu icon. Since I created a cousin log last… Read More »

Evidentia and the Genealogical Proof Standard

So how does Evidentia support the tenants of the Genealogical Proof Standard? Element of the GPS Supported by Evidentia Reasonably exhaustive search Evidentia’s Research Summary Report tallies the current breadth of cited source material in an easy to review format. Evidentia’s source first approach encourages a thorough cataloguing of source material, often uncovering minor facts that might otherwise… Read More »