An Evidentia Success Story from Russ Worthington

Our friend Russ Worthington — some of you know him as DearMYRTLE’s “Cousin Russ” — has been using Evidentia Software for many years.

Author of the popular blog A Worthington Weblog, he has recently completed a 7-part series titled “A Question for Evidentia,” in which he uses Evidentia Software to determine whether two women in his database are actually the same person.

Why does Russ use Evidentia?

“I use it when I have conflicting information in my research or a genealogy question that is difficult to answer. I causes me to look at my Source Information from a different point of view.”

You can read Russ’s posts beginning with Part 1, or with Part 7 – Follow Up, in which he gives a re-cap of his research process, as well as a listing of all of the posts in the series. In Part 6 – Conclusion, he provides links to his completed Proof Reports, which show the result of all of his hard work.

Many thanks to Russ for this wonderful demonstration of how he uses Evidentia Software! 🙂


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